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Customizing Education to Meet the Needs of Your Child

Our Mission

Oak Creek Academy’s celebration of each student begins with an understanding that every child possesses a learning style which is his or her own. We celebrate the challenge of educating children in grades K-12, keeping their academic requirements, social needs, emotional growth, and personal development in mind.

The unique nature of every student is honored at Oak Creek Academy. Students are supported with a challenging curriculum, myriad social opportunities, close staff communication, and family involvement. His or her gifts, educational needs, and career goals are supported through a personalized education plan and the dedicated attention of enthusiastic faculty members. Through working with a student’s learning style, we seek to kindle a lifelong love of knowledge and collaboration.

Since our material is delivered asynchronously, Oak Creek Academy students are welcome to dedicate time and resources to their passions. When students move at their own pace in a way which complements their optimal learning path, they come to welcome further educational opportunities as their self-confidence grows.

Why Oak Creek Academy

Flexible Scheduling

Oak Creek Academy’s asynchronous educational plan provides exceptional students with the flexibility required to succeed academically as well as in their personal interests. Our individualized approach is flexible as well as challenging.  At Oak Creek Academy, material is delivered asynchronously, and students are promoted on a competency basis. Students are free to move through lesson plans and assignments at their own pace, allowing their families to schedule schoolwork according to their lifestyle.

Many educational benefits are realized from asynchronous learning in virtual classrooms, including:

  • higher quality assignment deliverables and portfolios
  • increased learner-faculty collaboration
  • student-based pacing adhering to personal needs

Quality Curriculum

Oak Creek Academy’s curriculum is challenging and engaging, preparing our students for higher education and beyond. We encourage learners to consider the world around them and apply creative problem-solving. Our education and subject matter experts have designed a high-quality curriculum with student success in mind.

In general, the term “curriculum” refers to the academic content and presentation style delivered in a school or specific program. The word is also understood to encompass the skills and knowledge students are expected to acquire, including learning standards and objectives; faculty-provided lessons; student assignments; assessments and other outcome-based evaluations; and readings or other forms of media accessed by learners.

The Oak Creek Academy team plays a dynamic part in designing our curricula, always adjusting and refining them or working with colleagues to improve or enhance them. Our educational offerings are designed as pathways to assist students in identifying course offerings which align with their interests while ensuring they are on track to meet our rigorous graduation requirements. These pathways track along a college preparatory learning plan to prepare each student for a successful and rewarding college experience.

Leadership Team

The student-centered Oak Creek Academy educational philosophy was established by our team of visionary leaders. Our team is composed of experienced educators in the fields of curriculum design, student evaluation, virtual learning, scholastic instruction. Focused on helping our students cultivate a lifelong passion for learning, our leadership is wholly dedicated to our mission of student success.