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Online Learning Experience - Private School Standards

Why Choose Oak Creek Academy?

Oak Creek Academy leverages technology powered solutions to deliver a world class educational experience to students worldwide K-12. Parents and students are empowered through certified faculty and award winning online curriculum. The OCA community fosters opportunities for student academic growth and achievement, while offering flexibility that will benefit the student’s educational journey. Student academic plans are tailored to meet each student’s individual needs and goals.

The Oak Creek Academy team of experts helps students succeed academically by cultivating each student’s independent learning abilities.  We cater to any student who is in need of a flexible learning environment that allows them to succeed.

Enrollment information

Elementary School Curriculum

Elementary School students take 5 subjects and usually spend about 45–60 minutes per subject per day in order to finish their school work by the end of the school year.

Middle School Curriculum

Middle School students take 5–6 subjects and usually spend about 45–60 minutes per subject per day in order to finish their school work by the end of the school year.

High School Curriculum

High School students take 5-6 subjects and usually spend about 45–60 minutes per subject per day in order to finish their school work by the end of the school year.

Graduation Requirements

Students, who fulfill all the graduation requirements, will receive a high school diploma from Oak Creek Academy.


Oak Creek Academy offers a range of tuition packages to accommodate the budget, support-level and unique needs of each student and family.

Oak Creek Academy is a private online school for grades K through 12. Based on the selected support level package, OCA students have an immersive online classroom experience where they can interact with teachers in a variety of ways by utilizing cutting edge technologies in learning. We provide a variety of support packages designed to fit the needs and budgets of each family. Discounted annual and monthly payment options are available.


A dedicated, full-service, Teacher-Led package that offers extended daily phone support with teachers via email and phone. This package was designed for students that are looking for high teacher response times and grading in grades K-12.  Ideal for students who want advanced course options built into the tuition.  Students can enroll in up to 8 courses per semester and all courses run 10 months in length.  Student can finish at their own pace.

Tuition Cost $8,500/year


Other Fees

Payment Schedule

Policies and Refunds

For continued enrollment at Oak Creek Academy, each student is expected to maintain good standing: passing grades in core subjects and staying up-to-date with the assigned weekly schedule.

Students with failing grades in core classes and/or those who fall behind more than two weeks on average between all classes are at risk of being placed on academic probation. This is to alert families of the risk that their student will not be able to complete the school year on time and/or with passing grades, and thus may need a summer school extension, class assignment adjustments, or teacher and counselor intervention. The interventions may include academic growth plan adjustment by the student’s counselor, teacher collaboration on student learning needs, and/or the installation of monitoring software on the student’s computer to provide added accountability and uncover any potential distractions the student may have.

Students who do not demonstrate improvement or sufficient effort after multiple attempts may be recommended for withdrawal, so the family can find a learning environment that better suits the student.

Prior to enrollment, parents and students will also need to read and understand the Parent and Student Responsibilities. Please contact the OCA team if you have any questions

All new families are offered 14 days after the student begins completing the coursework to decide if the Oak Creek Academy online program will be the best fit for their family. If a family decides to withdraw within those 14 days, a withdrawal fee of $500 will be charged and all paid tuition will be refunded. The enrollment fee is non-refundable.


Credit and debit card refunds take 7–10 business days to process for transactions less than a month old. If the most recent transaction is over a month old, a direct deposit or check will need to be requested. Direct deposits can be processed within 1–2 business days with a $3 bank processing charge; otherwise, a check can be mailed within 1–2 weeks.

Withdrawal Process

Our withdrawal process is simple. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our program, just notify us within 14 days of starting your coursework, and we will issue a full refund on the tuition. Anything after 14 days has a 30% withdrawal fee on the prorated tuition.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from our school, please follow the steps below:
Ensure that your family’s decision to withdraw is final. There is a $150 reinstatement fee, depending on how much time has passed between the student’s withdrawal from OCA and the request to be reinstated.

Initiate withdrawal by contacting us via email at You will receive a confirmation email with information on finalizing your financial account and requesting transcripts.
Upon submission of the Withdrawal Form, OCA will begin the withdrawal process. Our staff will contact you if further actions will be required. This process may take several business days.

Tuition Policy

Payments can be delayed up to 30 days from students beginning coursework. An email will be sent to inform you of your tuition payments setup with information about the amount due, the breakdown of the tuition, and the amount, number of payments and the date you will be billed monthly if monthly payments were selected.

Payment reminders are sent three days prior to the scheduled charge date. If a payment is declined, an email will be sent which will allow a new card to be provided prior to the next scheduled attempt. After two additional attempts, the accounting team will need to be notified to process the charge once the card has been updated and a $5 late fee will apply unless you are in your 14-day trial period.

If 10 days pass from the original charge date without payment or an arrangement being made, the student account will be deactivated, and a $25 reactivation will apply. A warning will be emailed 3 days prior.

If 25 days pass from the original charge date without payment or an arrangement being made, the student will be withdrawn. Instead of the reactivation fee, a $50 reinstatement fee will apply. Add-on fees should be paid within 30 days unless arranged otherwise.