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Students Who Succeed

Our scholastic programs include engaging and creative learning activities, a variety of rigorous assessment opportunities, and standards-based individual competency testing.

From a child’s first contact with elementary school educational programs, we focus on nurturing a student’s organic eagerness to learn. Thoughtful teachers and an inspiring curriculum encourages emotional development, intellectual exploration, and physical growth.

As a child transitions to our middle school program, our learning team begins to form the foundation for upper school success while continuing to foster excitement about exploration and knowledge. Our customized learning plans offer students social, scholastic, and emotional support.

Oak Creek Academy’s upper school courses offer outstanding curriculum and elective opportunities to students preparing for college and career goals. Our challenging Honors, College Prep, and Advanced Placement courses are designed with higher education in mind. We are committed to an academic approach which is interactive, individualized, challenging, and collaborative.

Elementary K-5 Program

A student’s first years are a time for fun, physical growth, intellectual exploration, and emotional development. At Oak Creek Academy, we foster a child’s instinctual desire to learn with nurturing faculty members and a carefully designed curriculum. Our students are matched with grades and courses appropriate to their level of development.

Oak Creek Academy elementary school students can enroll in grades or courses matched to their skills, maturity, and ability.  Our curriculum for students K-5 integrates and applies classic literary themes across all subjects.

This method offers our families the opportunity to participate in community resources of their choosing while supported by our global faculty and community. Oak Creek Academy elementary students emerge from our K-5 program with a love of education, ready for more complex middle school concepts and assignments.

Middle School 6-8 Program

As students transition into Oak Creek Academy’s middle school program, our college preparatory program enforces self-confidence while providing the basis for high school work. Students in grades 6-8 may choose the format of their education based on their learning styles and interests.

Oak Creek Academy’s middle school program offers students the option to accelerate their progress to the more rigorous work of high school. We strive to provide social, personal, and scholastic encouragement and support through the reinforcement of peer, parent, and staff relationships, as well as a variety of opportunities for socialization and the strengthening of the parent support network.

Based upon academic performance and club admission, students may enroll in a high school level course, the completion of which earns transferrable credit. As their shift to high school approaches, they are given academic guidance to ensure their post-secondary goals are on course. When a student is in the eighth grade, students, counselors, faculty, and parents work together to develop an academic plan for grades 9-12.

High School 9-12 Program

Oak Creek Academy provides students with a dynamic, comprehensive online experience. A robust offering of core courses and a wide selection of electives propel the student through graduation requirements and college prerequisites. Our curriculum highlights critical thinking, laying the foundation for college expectations. Students may take Advanced Placement, Career, Technical, Honors, UC approved, and Honors courses.

Our educational experience is set apart by the strong, personal relationships students form with peers and their entire learning team. Oak Creek Academy offers the academic rigor of a conventional private school combined with the individuation and flexibility of the virtual classroom.

Take a Prerequisite or Meet Graduation Requirements

Oak Creek Academy offers students the opportunity to remotely fulfill prerequisite requirements and graduation-specific courses while still participating in a traditional academic program. They may choose from World Languages, Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep, and others.  Individualized, faculty-guided courses are provided, and the student progresses through the material asynchronously.

Because our College Prep courses offer faculty support and personalized grading, the majority of these courses are University of California a-g and NCAA approved.

Enrolling in Single Courses

Students who are not enrolled in Oak Creek Academy as their school of record are welcome to join us for individual courses. To do so, they must first obtain permission from their primary school, as well as indication that Oak Creek Academy’s credits will be accepted. Before a student enrolls in a single course, he or she should obtain permission from their school of record’s administration and school counselors.

Upon request, Oak Creek Academy will furnish an official transcript recording courses which have been successfully completed. However, the student’s primary institution is expected to preserve and update student records.

You are always welcome to discuss pursuing educational opportunities with us. Please feel free to visit our School Profile or sign up for our next Virtual Open House. We’re eager to discuss an individual learning plan with you.